“Iron kettle of tea,” is a quote from one of my favorite books about life in Upper Canada, “Roughing It In the Woods” by Mrs Susanna Moodie. She wrote about her pioneer life in the backwoods, there was hardship and scarcity, but at times, there was also a wonderful bounty of food that we should be familiar with today. I want to bring Canadian history to life though food. I am a teacher, a cook, and a collector of anything vintage pertaining to the kitchen or dining room, which means that I have place settings for at least fifty. Also, I need to justify my ever growing cookbook collection, which I really try to keep to collecting Canadian cookbooks, there are thousands with more being published all the time. I’m reading, I’m cooking what I love to eat, and then I’m writing. Good food nourishes body and soul. I live in Southern Ontario, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by acres and acres of fertile farmland which helps produce fantastic produce, rich cheeses, and delicious wines, so every now and then I’ll get really excited and write about food in Canada today. I can’t help myself, food is my passion and food is community. I also believe that anything made at home will be better for you then going out, in so many ways.

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