The Last House


I’ve never been so excited. For three years, I’ve been dreaming, planning, scheming, worrying, hoping, and longing, and now, just seven months away the dream will come true. I’ll be moving to the East Coast of Canada; St, Andrews NB.

2018 was a difficult year of transition, and I’m not sad that’s over.  There will be tears as I leave friends, family and a career behind. But there will be new opportunities and strangers will become friends.

I will laugh more, worry less, and cook all the time.

However, the Last House (this is where I will forever settle) needs work, and many decisions need to be made, kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, paint colours, master bath, tiles, light fixtures…The renovation starts in March, we move in July.

I’m so ready to get this party started.

IMG_3169 (1)




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