Simple Food equals Happiness

I’m sick today, home alone and hungry. I’ve finished my Gym Rat smoothie (thanks Oh She Glows Girl) but now I want food, something comforting in my belly. I open the pantry  and there’s nothing, I’m lazy, hangry and I ache all over, yet the cupboard is full.

I buy food that needs to be chopped, sliced, peeled, measured and cooked. There’s nothing available to me that’s instant so I decide on oatmeal, not the stuff that comes in the hyper-sweetened individual servings but organic quick oats, ready in 3 to 5 minutes.  As close to instant as I get in my house. Honestly, I could live on hot cereal if I could. Oatmeal, aka porridge, grits, Red river, Bob’s Red Mills Eight Grain, even leftover brown rice with cashew milk and maple syrup. All super yum, comforting, simple, and nutritious. I add chopped apple, raisins, toasted walnuts, and cinnamon to up the delicious factor.

Don’t buy commercial pre-made cereals, they are so bad for you; too much refined sweetener, sodium and strange things that no one can pronounce that shouldn’t be in our bodies. These things just don’t do anything for you, there’s no reason to eat that stuff.

A bag of oats is inexpensive, makes many servings,(a big bowl last two or three days in the fridge, and you can share it) and it’s good for you. Be kind to yourself, eat oatmeal.

Five minutes later, and a trip outside for a dog pee, I’m eating a bowl of satisfying, simple happiness. Eating delicious and nutritious food of any kind, from the simple to the sublime is an act of self love and compassion. We could all use more of that in our lives.

PS. if anyone from Bob’s Red Mills ever happens to read this, I love, love your Eight Grain Cereal so much that sometimes I even eat it for dessert. BUT, it’s hard to find where I live, a bag or two in the mail, would certainly make a girl happy.



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