Plans #2016

What I plan on doing in 2016.

  1. Write more, post often
  2. Cook more, bake more, eat less?
  3. Stray outside of my culinary comfort zone.
  4. Learn how to use my new Nikon5300, it sits on my desk silently taunting me for my lack of digital camera knowledge.
  5. Strive to do something creative everyday.
  6. Build a second raised bed garden as I’ve discovered that growing my own food is not only better for my belly, it’s also good for my soul.
  7. Make experiences over stuff a PRIORITY!  There is bar stool with my butt on it at the Napoleon House this year.
  8. More beach time. “Hey, I’m talking to you Atlantic beach North Carolina.”
  9. Accept that life must be both good and bad.
  10.  Breathe deeply, pet my dog, kiss him on the lips, and live.

P.S. Read More, be more patient, and vacuum the house more.

Cheers! Yum French 75 made the English way with gin instead of brandy.


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