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I’ll admit to being a Luddite, I am more comfortable in the past, the way past, but every now and then I surface to take in the present. Yesterday while on a trip to Toronto, including a planned pit stop at Pusateri’s (grocery store/take out for the very rich, btw not me) in Bayview Village, I impulsively purchased a new cookbook,  Duchess Bake Shop, by Giselle Courteau. I have been mooning over it for a while, but this purchase was not planned as I’m trying to save up for a new camera, and a trip to Iceland, but that has nothing to do with anything right now. However, the book was so worth the spurge. It is beautifully shot, the photos are simple and inspirational, the book is readable not pretentious, and has detailed how-to photos. Best of all, it’s Canadian. The bakery is in Edmonton, not on my way to anywhere, but after drooling over this book all afternoon, I think a visit is a possibility, and if not, I’ll have to start baking from this gorgeous book. This week, oatmeal milk chocolate cookies, I can feel the pounds already.


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