“The freshest tasting ice cream around.”

When I was a kid, a trip to the beach was only a good trip if we stopped at Shaw’s ice cream on the way home. More often then not, we didn’t, as it was always lined up and my grandfather despite being a patient man never wanted to wait in the long line up of cars crawling into the parking lot. I’m sure I pouted and probably cried as hot tired kids do when they don’t get their way.  But oh, what a great day it was when Papa slowed Grasshopper (his big green Chrysler) down, and I heard the turning signal click, indicating his willingness that day, to wait.

Once parked and out of the car, we then had to stake our place in what seemed like an endless line of people.  Papa would say the ” Look like everyone in Southern Ontario going for ice cream today, hope they don’t run out.” This would send me into a frenzy, then my Nan would would give him the look and be forced to reassure me that they wouldn’t run out. While waiting in that endless line, I would discuss with my grandfather our flavour choices; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, maple walnut and could I please have a sundae instead of a cone? The answer was always “no, you’re too small, and your eyes are bigger then your belly, maybe one day.”

Once inside of Shaw’s, the line curved around the store like a large horseshoe. You couldn’t actually see the ice cream freezers until it was almost your turn. But once I could actually on my tip toes, see into the deep freezers that held hundreds of round cardboard tubs of “the freshest tasting ice cream around” as was their slogan, I would get lost in the endless possibilities of flavour combinations.

Then suddenly, “next!”  It was our turn. Suddenly, I was overcome, afraid of making a bad choice overwhelmed by the endless flavour opportunities that I’d imagined, I’d order the same thing, butterscotch ripple. My grandfather would pay, we’d eat in the hot car, where we’d once again discuss our flavour choices. i was never disappointed, I loved butterscotch ripple. But maybe next time I’d get to order a sundae, maybe next time, I’d try something new. I was a kid who was loved, there was always a next time.

Shaw’s Ice Cream (still the freshest tasting ice cream around)

6598 Sunset Road

St. Thomas On



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