Wednesday, my favorite things…

I am a collector, (some say pack rat), I collect, in no particular order;  antique and vintage cookbooks, primitive antiques, especially related to cooking, kitchens and dining rooms, table cloths, art, vintage jewelery, animals, I have a chair thing, on and on.  I do try to curate the collections, rotate the inventory, and every now and then,cull; the rule is, “a bag in equals a bag out.”  I know that in our modern age we are encouraged not to be attached to our stuff  for me, that’s a challenge, I love my stuff…everything I own comes with a story, I am also a homebody, and I am never bored as I am always wondering “who owned this before me?”

This is especially true of today’s favorite thing, my antique spice keeper.  Spices were rare and expensive, homemaker’s often kept them locked up. Spices were sold in bulk and spooned out into brown packaging to be stored in locked spice keepers.  Mine isn’t pretty and it’s missing its lid, but I love none the less.  How many women before me have used this spice tin to prepare food for their families; steamed puddings, roasted meat or made pickles?  Where did they cook, stove or hearth?  But the thing I often wonder about most, how did this interesting and important piece of culinary history end up unloved in a thrift store?  This piece is part of culinary past, and therefore, part of our story.

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